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4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Extensions On A Daily Basis

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If you are currently thinking about getting extensions, make sure that you know how to take care of them. If you don't know how to take care extensions, they are not worth the money. However, if you do know how to take proper care of extensions, they might be right for you.

Tip #1: Brush Them Out Every Day

You want to keep your extensions as tangle-free as possible. You can achieve this by brushing out your extensions every day.

To brush out your extensions, you are going to want to use a soft bristle brush. A soft bristle brush has a large surface area that allows you to gently work the brush through your hair.

When you brush your extensions, start at the bottom like you would normally do with your hair, and slowly work your way to the top of your extensions. Do not yank the brush roughly through any tangles – this will pull on your extensions and cause unnecessary wear on the bonds that are holding your extensions in place.

Try to be as gentle as possible while brushing your extensions. If you are too rough, your extensions will fizz out and the bonds will be compromised.

Tip #2: Take Your Time Washing Your Extensions

Make sure you brush your hair before you wash it to ensure that your hair and extensions are tangle free.

You should use a professional grade shampoo for washing your extensions. When you wash your extensions, you don't want to just put the shampoo in your hair and scrunch and scrub like you usually do. Instead, you are going to want to wet your hair, then take a little bit of shampoo and hold onto your extensions and apply shampoo in a downward motion. You are going to want to avoid doing anything that will tangle your extensions. Then rinse the shampoo out.

If your extensions do get a little tangled while you are shampooing them, you can take a wide toothed comb through your hair while it is wet to softly remove the tangles.

Tip #3: Leave-In Conditioner Can Do Wonders For Your Extensions

After you wash your hair, you can follow up with a leave-in conditioner. To avoid tangling your hair, use a leave-in conditioner that you can simply spray onto your hair.

You don't have to use a leave-in conditioner every time you shampoo your hair; in fact, if you do it too often, your hair will actually look dull instead of vibrant. Try to stick to applying leave-in conditioner every other time you wash your hair.

Tip #4: Avoid The Hair Dryer

If you can help it, try to avoid drying your extensions. The heat from your dryer, over time, can cause damage to your extensions just like it does to your regular hair. Additionally, the heat can compromise the bonds that hold your extensions in place. You paid a lot of good money for your extensions, so if you want them to last, avoid the hair dryer.

If you can't leave the house with wet hair, try waking up thirty minutes early in order to give your hair time to dry naturally or try washing your hair in the evening when you get home. If you must blow dry your hair, use the lowest heat and volume setting possible on your dryer.

Now that you know how to proper care of a set of extensions, talk to your hair dresser or a local hair school, such as Donato Academy of Hairstyling and Aesthetics, about the cost and time associated with having a set of extensions attached to your normal hair. Your hair dresser will be able to guide you towards the right extensions for your hair style.