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Shaving Your Legs With A Safety Razor: 4 Tips

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Safety razors are a lot less expensive than your typical cartridge razor. They can also do a more thorough job of shaving your legs. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve when you first make the change to a safety razor. Here are some tips that will help you shave your legs more effectively when using one of these instruments.

Use real shaving cream

With a cartridge razor, you might be able to get away with shaving using soap or body wash. But with a safety razor, you benefit from having a bit more lubrication between your legs and the blade. Use proper shaving cream. You don't need to buy one of the expensive formulas that starts as a gel. Any inexpensive shaving cream should do the trick well enough.

Make shorter strokes

You might be used to shaving your legs in long strokes, going from the ankle to the knee or the top of your leg. But with a safety razor, you'll get better results if you shave in shorter strokes. This keeps too much hair from accumulating on the blade during the stroke. Try making a stroke about halfway up your leg, rinsing the razor, and then making a second stroke the rest of the way up your leg. You'll likely find your results are more consistent.

Keep the razor at a consistent angle

It may take a little experimentation to figure out what angle to hold your razor at. When you find the right angle, though, you will know it. The razor blade will glide nicely over your skin. Once you find this perfect angle, maintain it. Otherwise, you may get patches where the hair is left a little longer and other patches where the hair is shorter. The best way to maintain the same angle is to simply avoid turning your wrist as you go.

Finish with a moisturizer

With a safety razor, you get a closer shave than you would with a cartridge razor. This is nice because it allows you to last longer between shaves. However, it can also make dry skin more of an issue. So it's wise to always follow up with a moisturizer after using a safety razor on your legs.

Once you make the change to a safety razor, you'll find you like using it to shave your legs. Follow the tips above to smooth out the transition. To learn more about using a safety razor, contact a local supplier.