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Having Trouble With Your Skin? A Few Health Reasons To Have Laser Hair Removal

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If you find yourself going to see a dermatologist or spending a small fortune on ointments, soaps and lotions for skin problems, it might be time for you to consider having laser hair removal. While most people have the procedure for cosmetic reasons, there are a few health reasons to have it done. Waxing, shaving and using depilatories or creams does not remove the hair root the way laser hair removal does. Talk to your doctor or esthetician to see if the treatment will help with any of the following issues you are having.

Skin Infections

If you suffer with chronic skin infections, having permanent hair removal may reduce the number or severity of them. As a hair begins to grow, the follicle releases a bit of oil. Bacteria in the air and on your skin stick to this oil and then goes into the skin where it multiplies and causes an infection. This can happen anywhere on your body that has hair. Laser hair removal destroys the root of the hair, decreasing the oil that is released and reducing the chance of infection.

Ingrown Hair

Most people will experience the occasional ingrown hair and they are not a problem. However, if you find you have them frequently, having laser hair removal is the only way to keep them from coming back. Frequent or many ingrown hairs can lead to painful, itchy small bumps. If dirt or bacteria gets trapped in with the hair, it can lead to an infection. Most people will get ingrown hairs in only one area of their body. Having laser hair removal in that area alone will solve the problem.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

If you suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome, odds are good that you are experiencing thick, heavy hair growth that can be quite embarrassing. While it is possible to shave or use other methods to get rid of the hair, it will only keep growing back. The other symptoms of this hormone related disease are enough for you to have to deal with. Laser hair removal will take away some of the anxiety associated with it.

Where on your body you need to have the hair removed, and how much hair is involved, will determine how many treatments you will need to have before the hair is permanently gone. Follow the technician's directions as to how to take care of your skin between treatments. Within a few months the hairs will be gone and with them, the skin problems you have been fighting.