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A Few Things That Can Affect Your Brazilian Wax Experience

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As it gets closer to summer and time for the beach, you may be considering getting rid of all the hairs that will be obvious when wearing a skimpy bikini. Shaving every day is not a very good option, as the minute you hit the water you will feel as if thousands of tiny needled are pricking you everywhere you shaved. Using a chemical depilatory on the genital area is not recommended. You can use it on the bikini area, basically the upper, inner-thigh area, but be careful about it getting onto or into the more sensitive areas. This leaves the option of a Brazilian wax treatment for removal of the hairs from your most sensitive areas. To ensure you get the best results, with as little pain as possible, here are a few things that will affect your experience and the outcome.


If you have been to a tanning booth, out in the sun tanning, or used a spray-on tan in preparation of a trip to the beach, you should wait at least 24 hours before having a Brazilian wax treatment. Tanning weakens the skin. If you were to have a treatment shortly after tanning, you risk having some of the skin pulled up with the wax. Not only is this painful when done, but it could leave you with little sores and scabs for a few days. A spray-on tan could be pulled off too, making it a complete waste of time and money. After having the waxing treatment, you need to wait another 24 hours before going out into the sun. The newly waxed area will be more sensitive and could burn more easily. However, you can have a spray tan done afterwards to make your tan more even everywhere.


Taking some ibuprofen before going to the waxing appointment will make things a bit less painful. However, other medications, such as anything with retinol A or alpha hydroxyl acid should not be taken or used for about a week before waxing. These products can make your skin much more sensitive and could result in it being pulled away with the wax. It is a good idea to check the information from the pharmacist for any medications you are using before having a wax treatment done. If you are not sure, you can always call and ask the pharmacist if any precautions should be taken.

Having a Brazilian wax treatment will keep you hair-free for a longer time than shaving and most depilatories. The more often you have it done, the longer it takes for the hair to grow back. For this reason, you may want to have your first treatment a few months before summer and the trips to the beach start.

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