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Formal Event? 4 Tips For Getting The Best Updo Of Your Life

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A great updo lies in the hands of a great stylist, but even the best stylist needs a little help now and then. You have to do your part to make sure you're perfectly and enviously coiffed when you walk out the door, and it takes more than sitting still in the chair. Although that does help. Following are four things you can do to get the best updo of your life.

Do a Trial Run

A trial run is essential if you want to make sure you and your stylist is on the same page. If you are trying out a new stylist, a trial run is non-negotiable. They've never seen your hair. They don't know what your hair texture is like or how well your hair holds curl. They need this information to know how to approach your updo session, which can last up to several hours. A trial run allows both you and your stylist to create a style you'll love while working out the kinks. 

Bring Pictures to Your Appointment

A swoop here, a curl there, a few wisps -- your stylist cannot see the vision you have in your head of your perfect 'do. If you want them to see what you see, you have to bring pictures to both your trial appointment and your appointment on the day of the event. After all, your idea of defined curl might be considered soft, natural waves by your stylist. Style is subjective. It's impossible for you to describe a style well enough for someone else to envision it the same way you do. 

Don't Wash Your Hair

Your stylist does not want you to wash your hair the day of your special event. Dirty hair holds curl better and stays in place better than freshly shampooed hair. What's more, your hair has to be bone dry. If you have thick hair, it could retain moisture for several hours after a shampoo. It doesn't matter how much spray you used the day before or even if you have dirt in your hair. Your stylist doesn't care. They will brush it out. 

Be Open to Change

Keep in mind that you're an individual. Even if you find a perfect picture, your hair will not look exactly like it regardless of how hard you try. Your stylist has to work with your hair's density, texture, and growth patterns. Sometimes this means making a few tweaks here and there. 

If you want a great updo, you have to help your stylist out. A great consultation complete with pictures and a trial run goes a long way in getting the style you want. Also, be sure to follow all of your stylist's instructions and don't shampoo your hair right before the big event. Contact a local hair salon to learn more.