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Tips For Buying A Woman's Kimono Online

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Kimonos are traditional Japanese garments that are very beautiful and highly desirable. While it is possible to find women's kimonos for sale from brick and mortar retailers outside of Japan, one of the easiest ways to shop for a women's kimonos by searching online. If you plan to buy a women's kimono online, use the following tips:

Know Why You're Buying

People typically purchase kimonos to either wear or display. If you're planning to display the kimono, you can purchase any one that you like without problem. But it is a good idea to research the different types of kimonos so you know what you are buying. For example, a wedding kimono is typically more elaborate than other types of kimonos. When you're purchasing a kimono that you plan to wear yourself, you will need to pay attention to sizing.


Kimono sizing is much different than Western sizing for dresses. Japanese women also tend to be more petite than Western women, so you will have to pay careful attention to the measurements of a kimono if you want to ensure that it will fit you properly. Traditionally, kimonos are custom made for a woman'e measurements, and if you can have a custom kimono made for you it is worth doing so. If that is not possible, you will need to look for the shoulder-to-shoulder seam length and the overall length of the kimono. 


Traditional kimonos are made of beautiful silk fabric, but in this day and age some retailers also sell kimonos made of synthetic fabrics. If you are looking for authenticity, purchase a kimono made of silk. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider a kimono made of synthetic fabric since they tend to be substantially less expensive than silk ones. In the event that you purchase a pure silk woman's kimono, make sure that you take the time to learn how to properly care for it so it can last for many years.

Vintage vs. New

Some online retailers specialize in selling brand new kimonos, while others also offer vintage kimonos for sale. Purchasing a vintage kimono can help ensure that you receive a pure silk garment that is of the highest quality, but you will also have to worry about stains or holes that you can't see in photographs. If you're buying a new kimono, read the description carefully to ensure that you are getting the type of material that you want. 

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