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How To Become A Professional Hair Braider

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Braids are more than a hairstyle because they allow you to demonstrate exceptional creativity. This style is very diverse. It is often worn by tribes in Africa to women in corporate America. If you are good at braiding and enjoy doing them on others, then it is time to take your hair skills to the next level. Read on to find out how to become a professional hair braider.

Find A Cosmetology School

Every state does not require hair braiders to have a license. These states include Mississippi, Kansas, California and Arizona. It helps to find out your state requirements if you are considering this field as a career. You should check with your state's Board of Cosmetology to find out more about the laws and requirements.

Many braiders prefer to attend a cosmetology program that specializes in braiding. This training makes it easier to get hired for jobs and to attract customers.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Cosmetology License?

License requirements are different for every state. Some states offer additional licenses in other specialties like braiding. To obtain a cosmetology license, you have to complete between 1500 to 2100 hours of education.

Rent Booth Space

Obtaining your license allows you to provide services to the public. You are going to need a space for braiding your clients' hair. If you cannot open your own salon, then you need to rent booth space from an established salon. Braiding from home also might be an option, but you have to check with the laws in your state.

Open Accounts With Hair Care Product Lines

If you like to use certain products, then you should open accounts with the product line or beauty supplier. Beauty suppliers and companies usually give a discount to hair stylists. However, you must have a business or cosmetology license to get the account.

Build A Portfolio

If you are a new braider, then you can show your skills by building a portfolio. You can offer to braid the hair of family members and friends for free or at a reduced price. After completing the style, you can take pictures. These pictures can help you build a portfolio. You should also add pictures of your clients to the book.

It is important to market your skills to your local community and the world. You can submit pictures of your work to braiding magazines and websites. If you do not advertise, then people will not know about your braiding skills. It is important to make a presence in the hair industry.